About us

Our company opened doors in 2005 and has since become a well-established and a highly sought after leader in the construction and design business, with an impressive portfolio of clients.

At “NordCon” we have a keen eye for design and attention to detail.

“NordCon”” has become a valuable contact for architects, general contractors and investors. Our goal is to provide tailored solutions for all market sectors – from private homes to commercial and industrial projects.

To achieve this, a broad product portfolio is available which consists of high quality materials for new developments, as well as restoration projects.

The architectural systems that our partners have provided us with, meet all EU requirements for energy efficiency, security, comfort and design which conform to the most demanding and exacting quality standards.


Full-service engineering for building exteriors, including system design, structural engineering, thermal analysis, blast analysis, shop drawings, fabrication / production drawings, manufacturing, installation, on site inspections and related services such as:

•Complete Structural Design and Analysis Calculation Packages
•Curtain Walls
•Windows & Doors.
•Natural & Cast Stone claddings
•Metal & Bond Panels claddings
•Structural Analysis
•Unitized facades